Please inquire for a copy of Mount Hope Cemetery's complete list of Rules & Regulations.
Highlights include:

When and how may I arrange for a memorial?

A memorial may be arranged for anytime after the interment. Contact a reputable memorial dealer to make arrangements with the Cemetery. Mount Hope Cemetery does not sell memorials.


May I plant around the memorial?

Cut flowers may be placed anytime. To obtain permission to plant, please stop in the office. Recommended are annuals, such as geranium, impatiens, marigold, etc. Rose plants are prohibited. Planting of azaleas or other shrubs is permitted only on lots having not less than two feet on either side of the memorial, with the exception of lots with pre-poured foundations, where no shrubs are permitted. Care must be provided through Mount Hope Cemetery in order to plant.

When may I place artificial flowers?

Artificial flowers are permitted only from November 1 through March 31. They are prohibited at the Chapel of Hope Mausoleum.

May I place other decorations or make lot enclosures?

The placing of personal effects—including, without limitation, photos, balloons, stuffed animals, lights, greeting cards, art objects, religious articles, emblems, memorabilia and the like—is prohibited. All lot and/or flowerbed enclosures of any description are likewise prohibited.

How long will approved seasonal decorations remain, e.g., Christmas wreaths, palm?

They will remain for four weeks before removal begins.

May I set out candles or lamps?

Vigil lights (candles) or lamps shall not be permitted.



How can I purchase an individual grave, family plot or crypt?

Please write, call or visit us. Convenient terms are available.


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